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Straight reading of Tanya

Audio files of a straight text of the first 53 chapters of Tanya, read in simple Hebrew with no explanation. Great for chazara purposes!

Tanya Summary (in English)

A 53-page PDF, chapter by chapter,
detailed summary of Sefer Tanya.
A5 booklet

One-class overview of Tanya

1.5 Hour video class by Rabbi Manis Friedman gives you a concise yet profound overview of the entire sefer. Highly recommended listening!

Tour de Tanya

10-part series of classes given by Rabbi Diamond. Tour de Tanya attempts to give a detailed overview of the entire sefer, exploring, albeit quickly, all the main concepts and ideas. This series is a great introduction and also a perfect way to review the sefer.

Tanya non-text based class

35-part series by Rabbi Sheis Taub from
Chapter 1 to Chapter 53. This class is not only brimming with rich detail but is geared specifically to give a cohesive overview, which it does so magnificently.

Tanya 200

53-part detailed overview of the entire sefer by Rabbi Manis Friedman. This class contains the "Torah Shel Ba'al Peh" of the Tanya. Each class is under 30 minutes and the Rav reviews the sefer dozens of times over the course of the series. This is a highly recommended project!

Tanya three hour summary

A quick summation of the first 53 chapters by Rabbi YY Jacobson. For context, this summary was given at the siyum of a 6-year class the Rabbi gave. Rabbi YY wizzes through the entire sefer, chapter by chapter, and recalls the main ideas and concepts. 

Daily Tanya Reading

Explore this comprehensive series of 355 classes on the entire Sefer Tanya, taught by Rabbi Manis Friedman. Although this cycle traditionally starts on 19 Kislev for a non-leap year, feel free to approach these classes in a way that suits you best, at your own pace.

2 Experts, 1 Tanya, 5 Hours!

Rabbi YY Jacobson and Rabbi Shais Taub discuss Tanya for almost five hours. Their conversation is deeply insightful, engaging, humorous, frank, and relevant! This is recommended listening for more advanced Tanya students.
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