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Faithful Expression 2500 words

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This essay delves into the concepts of Chochma and Bina, exploring how abstract intelligence and concrete expression interact within various dynamics of existence, such as male and female roles, emotions, and behavior. It discusses the states of exile (galus) and redemption (geulah) as the inability and ability, respectively, to express one's inner essence. The essay reflects on the relationship between the Jewish people and God, highlighting the intimate connection and the ultimate goal of creating a dwelling place for God in the physical world. It concludes with the idea that the Jewish people, like blood within a body, serve to bring divine presence into the physical realm, anticipating a future of complete divine expression.

Absorbed into the flame.webp

Absorbed Into The Flame 1500 words

This essay reevaluates the concept of performing Mitzvos, suggesting that engaging in a Mitzvah is not merely carrying out an action; it involves becoming an intrinsic part of the Mitzvah itself. It underscores that saying we "do" a mitzvah simplifies the complex, interactive process between the individual and the Divine commandment. In other words, we don't do a Mitzvah, we become one with the Mitzvah! 

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Seeing Is Believing 3000 words

The essay on פרק י"ח of the Tanya highlights the concept of מסירת נפש, showcasing that even a non-religious Jew can embody ultimate self-sacrifice, a testament to a deep, intrinsic connection to G-d beyond logic. It discusses the highest form of devotion in the שמע, where true service to G-d might mean sacrificing one's most valued possessions, beyond even life itself. Through Avraham Avinu's journey, commanded to forsake all familiarity, the essay illustrates the transition from rational faith to a direct, experiential understanding of G-dliness. This culminates in a discussion on the uniquely Jewish experience of "seeing" G-d— an experiential, selfless devotion rooted in the soul's deepest truths.

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They, And Their Chariots 2000 words

This essay explores the profound connection between American culture's embrace of the automobile and the concept of "road rage" which can be better understood through the lens of the human psyche, particularly the nefesh habahamis (animal soul), which is inherently self-centered and survival-driven. This perspective not only sheds light on the cultural significance of cars in the U.S. but also on the psychological underpinnings of road rage. Additionally, it touches on broader themes of ego, sin, and divine anger, connecting individual behavior to wider spiritual and cultural narratives.

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Battle For The Narrow Passage 2500 words

The essay contrasts gofer delegation, a micromanagement style that stifles creativity, with stewardship delegation, which empowers employees through personal investment in their work. It emphasizes the spiritual significance of this empowerment, drawing parallels to Jewish philosophy and the battle against Amalek, symbolizing the disconnection between action and spirit. By encouraging personal engagement and creativity, stewardship delegation not only enhances professional productivity but also represents a deeper spiritual fulfillment, aligning one's work with their soul. This approach counters the fragmentation embodied by Amalek, advocating for a unified and passionate dedication in both professional endeavors and divine service.

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